The Specificity of Legal Research

Legal research does not exist in a vacuum. Law does not exist in a vacuum. Law needs people willing to be governed by laws they make and enforce. Legal research is about empowering the same people with knowledge to find those laws that govern them, in case they need to re-evaluate their content, or just use them in their daily activities.

While there are tomes of legal research monographs or even treaties the basic principle of legal research is: understand your question (the legal issue) and know what you resources: financially (how much money you can spend on research) and how legal information is published.

Here I focus on free of charge legal research – in an attempt to contribute to informed citizenship.

Know What Your Research: What Statutory Law Is, Where It Is, and How You Find It
  1. The Legislative Process: Brief Review
  2. Identifying the Sources of Statutory Law
  3. Applying Legislation: Interpreting Statutes
  4. How to Locate Statutory Law:

    Exercise on how to find a statute by its citation

    Exercise on how to use the Popular Names Table

    Exercises on keyword and index searches of federal statutory codifications