Seminar in Advanced Legal Research Techniques – Secondary Sources II

1. Pattern jury instructions:
  • court websites
2. Forms:
  • Practical Law: Standard Documents, Standard Clauses
  • Lexis Practice Advisor: Forms, Clauses
  • Bloomberg Law
  • court websites
  • law firm repository / knowledge management databases
3. How-to guides (e.g. Practice Notes, checklists, timelines, flowcharts)
  • treatises
  • open web
  • Bloomberg Law: Transactional Practical Guidance
  • Westlaw: Practical Law
  • Lexis: Lexis Practice Advisor
4. Legal news and current awareness tools (legal newspapers, e.g. New York Law Journal; newsletters, e.g. Law360; listservs; blogs)
5. Analytics
  • Lexis Verdict and Settlement Analyzer
  • Lexis Litigation Profile Suite (Ravel tools weren’t on Lexis yet last spring, but you may want to discuss them this year)
  • Bloomberg Litigation Analytics