Practice Exercise – Repositories of Case law

A. Nominative Reports.
Using early volumes of the United States Reports, give the official U.S. volume number citation for each of the following: (a) 1 Cranch; (b) 7 Wheaton.

B. United States Reports – Parallel Citations;
Using either the print parallel citations tables accompanying the West’s Supreme Court Reporter or the United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers’ EditionOR Westlaw/Lexis, find the parallel citations for both cases: Fuller v. Oregon, 417 U.S. 40 (1974); Piascik v. U.S. 434 U.S. 1062 (1978).

C. Federal Court Cases: Using the print volume 288 of Federal Reporter, Third Series, answer the following: (a) who is the Circuit Justice for the Second Circuit; (b) give the correct cite for the case of U.S. v. Abbey, (c) what finding aid tool did you use?

D. State Court Reporters: (a) List the current official and unofficial New York state reports; (b) Compare a current volume of the New York Supplement and a current volume of the North Eastern Reporter and identify the NY courts whose opinions are published in each reporter; (c) Examine the case in volume 273 N.E.2d at page 252 and identify: (i) the name of the case; (ii) the docket number; (iii) the name of the court; (iv) list some of different Key Numbers preceding some of the headnotes of this case.