LPW 2019

Welcome to Columbia!

I am your legal research instructor, and this fall, we will meet four times in Room 104 to cover the basics of legal research.

In anticipation of our first meeting,

Email: student1@columbia.edu
Password: ad3212cf

During our class sessions I will use ppt/prezi presentations and incorporate a lot of in-class exercises. Below find my in-class presentations. For those who would like to go the extra mile, I am also proposing some non-mandatory preliminary and take-home assignments. as well.

Optional Preliminary Readings for the First Research Class:

1. First Class – Secondary Sources – September 27, 2019, Room JGH 106

Introduction to Legal Research – Macro & Micro-Managing Your Research – The Role of Secondary Sources – Class Recording

2. Second Class – mapping out your open-memo research: The Open Memo and Secondary Sources (six seminar meetings)

Optional Preliminary Readings for the Third Research Class:

Email: student1@columbia.edu
Password: ad3212cf

3. Third Class – Statutory Research. October 4, 2019, Room JGH 106

Statutory Research – Introduction – Class Recording

Optional Preliminary Reading for the Fourth Research Class – on AI

4. Fourth Class – The Open Memo and Statutory Research (six seminar meetings)

Optional Preliminary Reading for the Fifth Research Class:

The Rise of the Supreme Court Reporter: An Institutional Perspective on Marshall Court
Appendix A Mandeville v. Jose

Riddle v. Mandeville

Neacsu (in Bower & Neacsu)

5. Fifth Class – Case law, October 11, 2019 JGH 106

Case law Research Introduction – Class Recording

6. Sixth Class – The Open Memo and Case Law Research (six seminar meetings)

7. Seventh Class – October 18, 2019, JGH 106 – Let’s revisit our research achievements! (Last research class)

Putting it all together – LPW Research Review – Class Recording

Please take this anonymous survey: https://forms.gle/DxBHKmh4qqcusY3GA


Please comment on this Blog, or email me — via Canvas,  or directly at end13@columbia. edu — or stop by my office, Room 418 in the Library.


Also, from September 12th, until October 31st, I will conduct Weekly Tips of Case Law Research, for 8 Thursdays, at noon, in JG 646.