Interdisciplinary Research Teaching Team

Teaching team:

Dana Neacsu, Ph.D., reference law librarian and lecturer-in-law, will coordinate, co-teach (or teach) and attend each workshop session.

In 2005 Dana Neacsu worked on introducing librarian-taught legal research to 1L & LLM CLS students, using her own book, Introduction to US Law and Legal Research (2005), with the LLM students. Ten years later she introduced Columbia Law students to interdisciplinary legal research bringing together a most extraordinary team of CU research librarians from across the campus.

Started in Spring 2015, this workshop continues along the same subjects. This semester-long  Interdisciplinary Legal Research Workshop like the Fall Weekly Tips in Case Law Research, aim to reach law students before they even know they need research help, so when they need it they also know how to find it.


 Amanda Bielskas: Will co-teach Why Interdisciplinary Research in Law: Why Data Mining and Management  in Law (Week 1)

Amanda Bielskas is the Head of Collection of Collection Development for Science & Engineering Libraries at Columbia University and has been at Columbia since 2007.  She earned her M.L.S. at Long Island University, has a B.A. in Environmental Geology from SUNY Plattsburgh, and has a Masters degree in Anthropology from Hunter College.  She has recently co-authored a book with Kathleen Dreyer entitled: IM and SMS Reference Services for Librarians


Candice Kail: Will co-devised  Developing Research Strategies:  Theories and Data. What comes First? (I) (Week 2)

Candice Gruver Kail is a Web Services, Reference, and Instruction Librarian at Columbia University Libraries and is a Writing Consultant at theColumbia University Writing Center.  She was elected to the University Senate in 2014 and serves on four Senate committees.  Candice has also worked as a writer and editor.


 ianIan Beilin: Will co-teach Developing Research Strategies: Theories and Data. What Comes First (Week 2 & Week 3 )

Ian is Research Collections and Services Librarian and holds a PhD in modern European history from Columbia University, an MSIS from the University at Albany, and a BA in German and History from the University of Michigan.



bobBob Scott: Will co-teach Introducing reference management tools (Week 4)

Bob Scott is Head, Digital Humanities Center, at Columbia University.




Mark Newton: Will co-teach Collaboration and file management (Week 5)

“Mark Newton is the Production Manager at the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS), a unit of the Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. At CDRS, Mark’s work focuses on the development of the library’s scholarly publications partnership program, the Academic Commons institutional repository, and a variety of faculty- and student-led digital scholarship projects.”

Ashley Jester: Will co-teach Data mining & interpretation – how do you decide that you have enough facts to support a legal theory?(Week 6)
Ashley Jester is the Data Services Coordinator, working in the Social Sciences Division of Columbia University Libraries/Information Services.  Ashley received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University, and her research focuses on U.S. foreign economic policy, particularly in the realm of trade and monetary relations.  In her current role, Ashley supports researchers with finding, using, and interpreting data, including consultations on statistics and research methods.


tara dasTara Das: Will co-teach Data mining: Best practices for locating government documents whether foreign, international or domestic (Week 8)Tara is the Government Information Librarian & Interim Head, Social Work Library. She oversees Columbia’s federal depository collections of US government documents and data, and works on data curating and archiving projects to ensure local, national, and international government information is available for reuse and preservation. Tara holds a PhD in Political Science & Anthropology, from the University of Pennsylvania, an MPH in Quantitative Methods from Harvard University, and an MLIS from Pratt.




juliaJulia Marden: Will co-teach Data mining & interpretation – Critical Data & Alternative resources for lawyers (Week 9)

Julia Marden is a Research Support and Data Services Librarian. Prior to joining Columbia University Libraries, she was a community manager for DataKind and consultant for Datapolitan. She earned a MLIS degree from the Pratt Institute and a BA in Public Policy Analysis from UNC Chapel Hill.



Yasmin Saira: Will co-teach Data mining & interpretation – Business databases for lawyers (Week 10)

 Yasmin Saira is the Business Research Support & Collection Development Librarian at Watson Library of Business and Economics. She provides high-end research and data support in the business and economics fields. She also manages Watson’s collection for print and electronic books and journals

Dana will teach Data mining & Interpretation– legislative history & case law docket research  (Week 11 )
Fadi Dagher: Will  co-teach Data mining & interpretation– – how do you decide that you have the correct facts to support a legal theory?(Week 12)

Fadi has an MLIS, MA in Political Science, University of Victoria, Canada, and MA in Higher and Post-Secondary Education, Teachers College, Columbia University. He provides assistance with researching topics in International Affairs, Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, or Sociology.