Exercises on How to Find a Statute by Citation

  1. Find Pub.L. 112-34:
    • Do a Google search;
    • Use FDsys
    • Use Westlaw
    • Use Lexis
    • Use Bloomberg
  2. 42 U.S.C. Sec. 2000d prohibits exclusion from participation to federally funded programs on the basis of race.
    (a) What was the Public Law number of this legislation?
    (b) Identify all databases you can use to find the answer to question 2.(a).
    (c) Give the Statutes at Large citation for the Public Law identified in question 2.(a).
    (d) Have any cases been decided under Sec. 200d?
    (e) Identify all databases you can use to answer question 2.(d)
  3. Find the title of the statute whose Bluebook citation is Pub. L. 110-385, 122 STAT. 4096 (Do a quick search using FDsys, http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/.)
  4. Section 215 of Pub.L. 110-385, entitled “PROMOTING ONLINE SAFETY IN SCHOOLS” has also been codified in the United States Code. What is its USC citation? (TIP: Peruse the public law and locate section 215. Section 215 starts by mentioning its USC codification)