Fall 2018 LLM – Legal Research

Welcome to Columbia!

I am your legal research instructor, and this fall, we will meet four times in Room 102B to cover the basics of legal research.

In anticipation of our first meeting, you may decide to read an introduction to U.S. law and legal research – so,  go here!

If, instead, you prefer to watch a slide show, I have prepared for you three presentations on the basic conceptual building blocks you will use in U.S. law and legal research. To access these preliminary blocks of knowledge,

Once on the Knolyx platform, access from the dashboard or library the three courses available (starting with the two mentioned below in the following order)

  • Separation of Powers and
  • Federalism

before August 17.

Finally, below find my in-class presentations. For those who would like to go the extra mile, I am also proposing some non-mandatory preliminary and take-home assignments.

1. First Class – Secondary Sources – August 17, 2018, Room 102B

2. Second Class – Statutory Research. August 24, 2018 – Room 102B

3. Third Class – Case law, August 30, Room 102B

4. Fourth Class – Putting them all together, September 7, 2018 – Room 102B

Please comment on this Blog, or email me — via Canvas,  or directly at end13@columbia. edu — or stop by my office, Room 418 in the Library.

Also, from September 6th, until November 8th, I will conduct Weekly Tips of Case Law Research, for 10 Thursdays, at noon, Location – TBD.

I look forward to working with you on all your legal research assignments during your time at Columbia.