Exercises on keyword and index searches of federal statutory codifications

Know that index searches are controlled-vocabulary searches, which requires more human decision-making than just making content available to search engines. That is why Index -searches are proprietary and have a restricted availability.

However, while the print version of the United States Code has an Index, its digital counterpart, does not.

United States federal law promotes Internet safety and prohibits cyberbullying.

a) Use the Index to any commercial publication of the United States Code (either U.S.C.S. or U.S.C.A.), which is available both in print and online

b) Or do a keyword search and identify the section that requires schools to educate minors that cyberbullying is inappropriate Internet behavior.

  • What is its citation? (_ U.S.C. _)

b) After the main text of the statute the editors of the commercial versions of the U.S.C. have provided further research materials (“annotations”). Can you locate a law review article on cyberbullying among those cited there? Can you located a case on cyberbullying among the cases mentioned there?

c) Are you able to tell whether the statutory provision forbidding cyberbullying is still good law if you use the official, free-of-charge database? What if you use any of the commercial versions of the U.S.C.?