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Recent Interviews and Conference Presentations

Recent Interviews and Conference Presentations

Imagining the Peace We Want. The Intersection of Cultural & Legal Narratives. Telos – Paul Piccione Institute & the School of Political Science, University of Haifa, Conference: Asymmetry, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Abrahamic Peace. (Skype presentation, November 2018)

Interview with Cristiana Grigore for The Roma People’s Project at Columbia University (June 2017)

110th AALL Annual Meeting and Conference, Austin, TX. “Social Justice in Law Libraries: #lawlibraries respond to real life crises” (program coordinator & moderator) (July 2017)

Global Legal Skills Conference XII, Monterey, Mexico. “Preparing LLMs in Advance for Academic and Legal Research” (prepared multi-media presentation) (March 2017)

Interview with the CU Librarian & Vice Provost, Ann Thornton (September 2016)

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See Building Partnerships in Legal Scholarship on YouTube.

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