LexisAdvance Training Review in 10 minutes

LexisAdvance’s Shepard’s Report rocks!

type “17 U.S.C. § 101”
click “View Shepard’s report”
enjoy the hierarchical arrangement of case law

LexisAdvance has all statutes and all reported case law and you can find them in many ways!

  1. find primary sources from
    • secondary sources
    • How do I find the case holding My Sweet Lord copied another song and infringed its copyright?
    • go to “browse Sources,” type “Nimmer on Copyright” , search for “elements of infringement case law my sweet lord,” look for “sweet” as a term,” click on Abko Music
  1. find primary sources by
    • citation (212 F3d 477 or 17 U.S.C. § 101),
    • title or party names (ABKCO MUSIC, INC. V. HARRISONGS MUSIC), and
    • topic
      • find the section on registration and infringement
      • choose USCS- Table of contents and type “infringement” 17 USC 411

LexisAdvance has Shepards for all available statutes and cases!

You still need to click on “Shepardize” most of the time.

YES for LexisAdvance – it contains many secondary sources

It forces you to value boolean searches (terms and connecters searches) in specific libraries

NO for LexisAdvance –

  1. its search engine is still a work in progres
  2.  it is hard to find the sources it contains
  3. you still need to have a plan and a strategy before you start typing words in the search box!

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