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Subject: Trafficking

Prosecuting Human Trafficking as a Crime Against Humanity under the Rome Statute

Author: Jane Kim, JD 2011 Abstract: Bought and sold, consumed and exploited: human bodies, labor, personhood, and dignity have become the most valuable, reusable, and profitable products in the 2011 world market. In the early twenty-first century, increased awareness and international concern mobilized...

The Creation of the Living Dead: North Korean Refugee Women in China

Author: Jeannie Chung, JD 2010 Abstract: North Korean refugee women who cross the border into China are vulnerable to traffickers who channel them into sex work or “marriage” to rural Chinese farmers. Faith-based NGOs play a unique role in the assistance of these women, because, unlike other...

State Cooption and the Search for Converging Interests

Author: Eleanor Carr, JD 2010 Abstract: Many states use their asserted public commitment to human rights norms to increase their legitimacy in the eyes of the international community. A state’s decision to take on particular rights may come from homegrown movements or may be imposed by the international...