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Subject: Gender Identity Discrimination

How the Legal Regulation of Transgender Bodies Affects Us All

Author: Rita Vavra, LLM 2013 Abstract:  The legal regulation of transgender bodies, which is often highly oppressive, restrictive and arbitrary, is commonly regarded as a problem that only affects the transgender community and its allies. This essay, however, argues that the legal regulation of transgender...

Eugenics Then and Now

Author: Afiya Pascall, LLM 2010 Abstract: This paper considers eugenics broadly with particular emphasis on its use to repress the reproduction of poor minority women. It starts by looking at the historical development of eugenics and foundational facially valid justifications that gave the practice...

The Biopolitics of Gender in Iran: How a “Third Gender” has Formed

Author: Donna Azoulay, JD 2010 Abstract: In the Islamic Republic of Iran both the role of gender and the commitment to gender have resulted in a blatant deployment of power over individual bodies. Gender as defined in this context is masculine/feminine, where the stakes for masculinity are particularly high....