GSL Online

Gender & Sexuality Law Online is a webjournal published by the Columbia Law School Center for Gender & Sexuality Law.


Gender & Sexuality Law Online offers students at Columbia Law School the opportunity to publish important new scholarship on gender and sexuality.   While many students write Notes that are published in print journals such as the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, many more produce excellent written work in seminars, small classes, as independent study, or as their LLM essay that do not take the form of a publishable Note.  These projects advance our understanding of emerging issues such as gender identity discrimination, trafficking, reproductive technologies, immigration reform, or marriage equality, to name only a few topics.  Print law journals are no longer the exclusive repository of knowledge produced in a law school setting and Gender & Sexuality Law Online makes it possible for excellent student scholarship to find readers beyond the four walls of the law school, and for those readers to engage our student scholars’ and their work.