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The Town of New Castle, New York recently adopted a comprehensive green building law that is designed to create a more sustainable community by incorporating green building measures into the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings.  The New Castle Town Board voted unanimously to adopt the law on December 13, 2011. The green building law […]

  Columbia Law School’s Center for Climate Change Law is proud to announce that two of its blogs, the Climate Law Blog and the Green Building Law Update Service, were recently recognized as two of the “Top 50 Environmental Law & Climate Change blogs” by LexisNexis. According to LexisNexis, “These top blogs offer some of […]

Columbia Law School’s Center for Climate Change Law has prepared a first draft of a model municipal wind siting ordinance.  The model ordinance presents a framework for the adoption, implementation and enforcement of standards to promote effective and efficient use of wind energy resources.  We began by analyzing existing wind siting ordinances from various New […]

As part of the Center for Climate Change Law’s efforts to continually improve its model municipal green building ordinance, CCCL has been tracking legal issues relevant to municipal green building ordinances. One major potential impediment to the successful implementation of a green building ordinance is preemption under federal law. While the preemption fears of green […]

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