->Law in Finance
Research Output and Funders:

The Global Law and Finance Initiative 2010-2013

Global Law in Finance Network, GLawFiN (since 2013)



->Beyond Property Rights
Research Output and Funders:

Governing Access to Essential Resources

  • Workshops and Conferences
    • “Triangulating Property Rights,” Heyman Center, Columbia University, 2012. Documents: Agenda
    • “Governing Access to Essential Resources”, Columbia Law School, June 2013. Documents: Agenda
    • “Beyond Property Rights goes global”: Mumbai, March 2014. Documents: Agenda and Background Memo
    • “Beyond Property Rights goes global”: Istanbul, June 2014. Documents: Agenda and Background Memo
  • Publications: Governing Access to Essential Resources, Columbia University Press, 2015  
  • A summary of the basic theme was recently published in the World Financial Review, July 2016
  • Sponsors/Funders: National Science Foundation; Max Planck Society & Humboldt Foundation

->Law’s Global Scale
Research Output and Funders: