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The Pentagon is being sued by SWAN to get them to change how they handle and prevent sexual abuse cases. Our Tanya Domi will have more on this shortly. For now, there’s this video from this morning’s The Today Show, and the AP report in The Washington Post. [youtube][/youtube] Cross posted from The New Civil […]

For students of the legal regulation of sex/work, this forthcoming issue of the Journal of Law and Society looks great.

If you follow the situation in Haiti, you know that the recovery and rebuilding from the devastating earthquake last January has proceeded slowly, and that cholera has now spread throughout the country – adding new forms of misery to a people already suffering from inordinate emiseration. Gender Action, an NGO promoting gender justice and women’s […]

The twin horizons of many people and organizations in the lesbian and gay community – achieving marriage equality and repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – seem like obvious civil rights goals.  They both enshrine official, legally sanctioned discrimination against gay men and lesbians.  Yet as sites for the elaboration of a free-self, military services […]

Jane Kim, is a J.D. candidate in her third year at Columbia Law School and an aspiring civil and human rights advocate, activist, and scholar.  Here are her thoughts on hate speech in the university setting: Last Wednesday evening, Yale College fraternity pledges of Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) marched through the College’s Old Campus – […]

Jane Kim, is a J.D. candidate in her third year at Columbia Law School and an aspiring civil and human rights advocate, activist, and scholar.  Here are her thoughts on sexual violence in the university setting: It may be common knowledge that 25 percent of college women survive rape or attempted assault, but imagining what […]

This week a Texas jury sentenced an HIV positive man to three consecutive life sentences without parole for the sexual assault of two girls.  According to the media coverage of the case: The jury sentenced Delgado to the maximum sentences of life in prison for two counts of “Super” Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. […]

Erin Meyer, a third year law student at Columbia, worked over the summer for Hogan Lovells in their NY office.  One of her pro bono assignments addressed the pressing needs of Haitian women who had been sexually assaulted in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Here are her observations about this issue: In the aftermath of […]

The Supreme Court issued three very important decisions today all of which, in different ways, engage issues of gender and/or sexuality law: – Graham v. Florida, holding that teenagers may not be locked up for life without chance of parole in non-capital cases; – U.S. v. Comstock allowing federal officials to indefinitely hold inmates considered […]

Former New York City police officer Wilfredo Rosario was convicted yesterday of offering to destroy a summons he had issued to an 18 year old woman when she was in Riverside Park after hours if she would give him oral sex. Apparently this isn’t the first time he’s done this sort of thing and will […]



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