by Hannah Chang Black carbon (“BC”), a component of soot and particulate matter, competes closely with methane as the largest anthropogenic contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide. BC emissions primarily result from four sources: burning of residential fuels such as wood and coal; open burning of land, whether natural or human-induced; diesel engines; and industrial processes, such as […]

By Matt Wisnieff The Kerry-Lieberman (KL) bill addresses the issue of clean energy vehicles, efficient transportation infrastructure, and reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from vehicle use in Parts I and II, §§ 1701-1711 (pp. 208-252) and §§ 4111-4141 (pp. 843-871) of the bill. I. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Pilot Projects KL addresses transportation infrastructure […]

By: Jessica Wentz The Kerry-Lieberman (KL) bill addresses Clean Energy Technology and Jobs in Title IV, Subtitle B, Parts I, III, and IV, §§ 4101 – 4162, starting on page 829. In this Subtitle, the KL bill creates programs for promoting clean energy jobs, mitigating greenhouse emissions through contracts with landowners, and encouraging the development […]

By Matt Wisnieff The energy efficiency provisions of the Kerry-Lieberman (KL) bill are presented in Title I—“Domestic Clean Energy Development.” The relevant sections are contained within Subtitle D, and Subtitle E, Parts I-III, beginning on page 187. Additionally, parts of Subtitle D amend the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act (CFRDA). The KL bill lays […]

by Jessica Wentz The Kerry-Lieberman (KL) bill addresses domestic adaptation strategies in Title VI, “Community Protection from Climate Change Impacts”, containing §§ 6001-6011. This title contains provisions for implementing programs to protect the country’s natural resources from the effects of climate change, including creation of a Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Panel (“Panel”) and a […]

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