New OSCAR and SDNY website postings

Check out new positions open to rising 2Ls posted on OSCAR over the past two weeks, in addition to new postings to the SDNY website. SDNY website postings relevant to rising 2Ls are highlighted in yellow

Please note that Judge Analisa Torres of the SDNY is accepting applications for the 2018 and 2019 terms.  We have a wonderful clerk in chambers and Judge Torres loves CLS applicants, so we encourage you to apply.  As noted on OSCAR, further details about the posting are available on the SDNY website. Please note that all applications should be sent via email rather than in paper.  If you have sent a paper application to chambers, we suggest that you send another via email.

Judge Bianco (E.D.N.Y.) hiring for 2017

Judge Bianco (E.D.N.Y.) is accepting applications for three clerkship positions for the 2017-2018 clerkship year. The Judge is a CLS alum, and two of his current clerks are as well, so CLS students are strongly encouraged to apply! The clerk reports having a fantastic experience clerking so far, and that the Judge is absolutely wonderful to work for. The positions are posted on OSCAR, which has a description of the Judge’s application requirements. Candidates are expected to be interviewed this summer.